Monday, March 5, 2018

What Type of Physiotherapy Classes are Available in Auckland

With the popularity of Pilates on the rise, more people than ever are choosing to take advantage of dedicated classes to learn how they can best achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Read on to find out about a few of the different classes offered by Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy for more information on what kind of instruction is available.

Introductory Classes

Introductory classes are designed for those who have never participated in this type of physical activity. They utilize one-on-one teaching approaches to go over terminology and positioning and offer a studio orientation, giving students a strong foundation on which to build. Those who have health issues or existing injuries should be sure to bring them up with their instructors prior to beginning classes.

Spinalates Classes

These forms of classes are designed to integrate cardio workouts and include strength, flexibility, and cardio training for better overall fitness results. One popular workout strategy included in Spinalates classes is known as spinning workouts. These workouts help students burn calories, reduce stress, and increase cardio endurance through low-impact exercise on a stationary bike or a piece of specialized equipment known as a reformer.

Pregnancy Programs

Prenatal and postnatal women have unique and specific needs when it comes to getting adequate exercises. Pregnancy classes offer core strength building through women's abdomens, backs, and pelvic floors, allowing them to be more comfortable throughout their pregnancies and during delivery. New mothers also find that they are better able to regain their figures after birth when they enroll in this kind of fitness class.

Private Classes

Not everyone enjoys working out in a group setting. Those who don't may find that they prefer the personal attention and custom workouts available through one-on-one instruction. This type of instruction allows students to benefit from fine-tuned fitness plans that are specifically designed to help them reach their unique fitness goals.

Stretch Classes

Stretch classes are the perfect way to improve flexibility. It has been scientifically proven that stretching is helpful for improving overall health, and the easiest way to take advantage of these health benefits is to get instruction on what types of stretches will be most appropriate to reduce the risk of injury and enhance mind and body awareness.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation physiotherapists offer specifically tailored sessions designed to cater to their clients' unique rehabilitation needs, which can help them recover from injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain. Visit for additional information about exercise rehabilitation programs and group and individual instruction. Browsers can also see here what other types of classes are available.


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